Steem Integration on OpenBazaar?

OpenBazaar has been adding coins to their platform and of course, I wonder if we could get Steem on there. I did my due diligence and I don’t see any signs of anyone working on that from this platform or theirs.

I reached out to their sub-Reddit with the question. <- Go check it out and upvote, and or comment to let them see some interest, please.

I also applied to join their Slack channel, so hopefully, I’ll get to talk with them sometime shortly.

The project has come a really long way since I started following them a couple of years ago. It is trivial to install the desktop version and set up a store or buy through the app. It is getting fairly close to being ready for prime time as best as I can tell and they are rolling out updates and features regularly.

There isn’t a web or mobile version yet, but news seems to indicate that those may be ready later this year.

Would you use OpenBazaar?

I have a much more detailed write up that I have been working on, but I am really curious if folks around here would be interested in using OpenBazaar at all an especially if there was Steem integration.

Would you help support integration?

If they said that integration is possible, but we need to provide the code, would you be willing to help support that effort?

I’ll wait for a response from them and see what they say and report back.

FYI, you can already buy and sell Steem on the platform along with pretty much all the other cryptos too.

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